About WIDS Curriculum Software

Our software is built around a performance-based learning model. Because it was designed by users for users, navigation is easy and data is relational. Users can see what they need to consider in curriculum design, but can also see the big picture along the way. Multiple template options pull curricular elements into documentation necessary for learners, faculty, administrators, and accreditors. Software roles allow for development, review, and approval of curriculum; never again will faculty or administration wonder what course is current or active.

Put all of your programs and courses under one roof with WIDS. Each customized site is a state-of-the-art platform that gives your organization an efficient way to design, align and manage curriculum.

WIDS Features

Design Features


  • Define outcomes at every level
  • Design program and course performance assessment tasks
  • Streamline development with libraries of re-usable data
  • Create learning-centered learning plans and teaching plans
  • Develop common course outlines and syllabi for approved courses
  • Customize data fields and templates for your organization's needs
  • Develop, review, and approve curriculum components
  • Create documentation for learning and assessment purposes

"I'm Designing a course. Where do I start?"

Alignment Features


  • Map organization and program outcomes to courses
  • Link national, state, and accreditation standards
  • Build career pathways and documentation

"I need to align my program to national standards. Help!"

Management Features


  • Ensure curriculum consistency and integrity
  • Manage and archive syllabi
  • Establish project permissions and approval
  • Store and link related curriculum documents
  • Generate system-wide reports
  • Integrate data - WIDS is a Blackboard Building Block partner

"We are revising courses. How do I know which version is current?"

Licensing Options

WIDS offers four levels of licensing --from single user to a full site license.

Migrating Your Courses to Online Instruction?

WIDS Special Offer - Online Course Design Package

  • Use WIDS Software to design or modify your course or program in our 6-week course.

  • Access to WIDS online learning activity & assessment task libraries to quickly build your course.

  • Receive feedback from a WIDS instructional design coach.

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