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WIDS is all about curriculum. From designing sound performance-based programs and courses to mapping outcomes and building assessments, our software and consulting team works with colleges, K-12,  businesses and government clients to design, align, and manage curriculum. When you partner with WIDS, you get more than our software. You gain access to a committed and experienced team of designers, a reservoir of resources, and a long-lasting partnership.


Curriculum Software

Simplify curriculum development, alignment and management. The WIDS web-based software is built to support a performance-based learning model. It’s user-friendly and robust.  It's secure and  accessible. The WIDS software helps you:

Design Curriculum: programs, courses, outcomes, assessment tasks, rubrics, outcome assessment plans, learning plans, teaching plans

Align Curriculum: curriculum maps to occupational and national standards, college-wide outcomes, program outcomes, and course competencies; career pathways with aligned credentials.

Manage Curriculum: project permissions, approval,  archiving, syllabi from approved courses, related documents, and data integration --WIDS is a BB Building Block partner -- now integrate WIDS data with your LMS

Migrating Courses to Online?

WIDS Special Offer - Online Course Design Package

  • Use WIDS Software to design or modify your course or program in our 6-week course.

  • Access to WIDS online learning activity & assessment task libraries to quickly build your course.

  • Receive feedback from a WIDS instructional design coach.

Consulting Services

Partner with WIDS on your next project. Our passionate team of instructional designers has the experience to work with you on all things curriculum. WIDS consulting helps you with:

Program Design and Accreditation: occupational analysis (DACUM), outcomes, standards alignment, curriculum maps, assessment plans, configurations, accreditation documentation

Course Development: course outcomes, assessment rubrics, program and standards alginment, learning plans, teaching plans, learning objects, learning materials, syllabi

Project Facilitation and Management: initiation, process planning, execution, communication, monitoring, documentation

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