Curriculum Services

The WIDS team of highly skilled instructional design consultants bring more than 125 years of collective frontline experience as instructors, administrators, and curriculum developers to a wide range of collaborative client ventures. From occupational and curriculum needs analysis to faculty or trainer professional development; program alignment to turn-key course design, our consultants have worked closely with multi-campus/multi-college systems, industry, government, and military organizations throughout the United States and several foreign countries.   


Program Design

Health occupations, manufacturing, information technology, general education, and K-12 curriculum are program-centric. Before courses are developed, programs are designed. There are education parameters for all curriculum, and developing programs is often where design begins. WIDS consultants collaborate with your curriculum team to:

  • Facilitate occupational analysis (DACUM)
  • Develop program outcomes and performance standards
  • Build assessment plans
  • Map national and occupational standards to programs
  • Create course lists and program configurations
  • Generate necessary documentation

Occupational Analysis (DACUM)

We use DACUM, a quick, yet valid job analysis technique to help you design or validate programs of instruction. WIDS consultants facilitate the DACUM process, document results in a graphical format, and provide recommendation for program design or revision. 

Specialized Services

Don’t worry! If you have a project in mind that doesn’t fit the above parameters, please contact us anyway. Chances are we’ve helped with a similar project before and welcome the chance to do it again. Contact us or call 800-677-9437 for more information or a consulting proposal.

Course Development

WIDS consultants have worked closely with subject matter experts on course design. In fact, pick a topic area and chances are one of our consultants has experience working with it!  Whether designing a course, a training module, or an industry workshop, your learner is the target audience. WIDS draws upon a wide range of effective practices for development and uses a performance-based model of instructional design. We’ll collaborate with you on course design to develop:

  • Student learning outcomes (competencies)
  • Performance criteria
  • Assessment tasks and scoring rubrics
  • Learning plans and activities
  • Learning objects and materials
  • Online course modules and LMS-compatible assessments
  • Teaching plans 
  • Key documentation including curriclum maps, course outlines, and syllabi

Project Management

Using proven methodologies and processes we work with your team to develop and manage quality curriculum. We help clients manage the work flow process, evaluate deliverables, facilitate communication, and generate final project documentation. 

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