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Western Technical College

Western Technical College

Western Technical College (WTC) uses the program design file, course outcome summary, syllabus, learning plan, and performance assessment task functions in WIDS.

Because the college requires syllabus generation through WIDS, all faculty use the software. Syllabi are easily generated from official course outcome summaries.WTC had veteran and new faculty express appreciation for the implementation of the syllabus generation feature. To many, it was a time-saver and it pairs nicely with Blackboard.

The college is now piloting the use of “Master Courses” whereby faculty in high volume online courses are creating fully developed curriculum and standard Blackboard shells. Each teacher who teaches the course will teach from the Master Course, ensuring a consistent learning experience from one instructor to another. This is especially important when adjunct teach the courses.

Tracy Dryden, Dean, Academic Excellence and Development, says “New and adjunct faculty are so appreciative of the roadmap that a Course Outcome Summary generated from WIDS provides. It has helped us move curriculum from teaching from the text book to teaching from the Course Outcome Summary. It has also helped us emphasize that mastery of competencies and performance of skills are what employers are looking for in the people they hire.“

According to Dryden, Western’s use of the syllabus generation and syllabus submittal feature in WIDS “has created a surge of curriculum refreshes. Veteran and new faculty are very engaged in fine-tuning curriculum within the WIDS software.”

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