At Your Fingertips -- WIDS Online Learning Courses
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At Your Fingertips -- WIDS Online Learning Courses

We’ve heard it from our own clients. We see it on social media. We receive opportunities in our own in-boxes. Training is needed and very accessible! So, at your fingertips is the new WIDS Learning Center with eight brand new online courses now ready for any one to register. Some courses open as early as October 5, 2020. 

Covid 19 has encouraged new ways to do business. Consultant meetings have replaced face-to-face meetings. Classroom learning is now online. Collaboration occurs virtually. Brainstorming occurs virtually. WIDS gets that. We’ve done business this way for a long time. We've shared information about our consulting projects, provided tip sheets and sample process checklists for building curriculum. Perhaps you’ve read or downloaded some of our free education resources available on our website's Resource Library. As instructional designers, software trainers, and consultants, WIDS knows what contributes to the development of great curriculum. That's why we share our resources with you. We advocate what you advocate -- student learning success, whether you are the student or others in your organization need some instructional design support for curriculum development. It only makes sense to offer instructional design training to any one at any time. So, we did!

WIDS instructional design experts spent the summer creating eight new online courses, designed using online learning pedagogy, the WIDS software, and our own standards for performance-based learning and assessment. Each course is asynchronous, but will have a WIDS consultant available to encourage and provide feedback on project work. Course participants will have access to the WIDS software and will work on real projects and take away real documentation. Additionally, WIDS will offer participants an opportunity to earn a WIDS badge through Acclaim by Credly.

Take a visit to the new WIDS Learning Center to see an opportunity right for you. WIDS - Worldwide Instructional Design System is at your service!

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