Stars Align: WIDS Co-Presents at QM Connect Conference
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Stars Align: WIDS Co-Presents at QM Connect Conference

WIDS will be exhibiting and co-presenting at the 2019 Quality Matters Connect Conference. Plan to stop by the exhibit at anytime 10/28 - 10/30.

In a Quality Talk format, college curriculum specialists and new Quality Matters members Cynthia Delacourt and Lynn Neitzel will share  how Blackhawk Technical College is aligning three powerful tools to promote student engagement and success.


Our Stars Align! Connecting Quality Matters, Blackboard and WIDS  -- (Wednesday, 10/30 from 9:50 - 10:15 am) 

Blackhawk Technical College is in the midst of what at times feels to them like a mind-numbing growth spurt!  They are seeing a shift in their instructor community from mostly full-time instructors to a higher percentage of adjunct faculty.  In order to provide a consistent, quality course shell to students, regardless of course delivery format, they are aligning three powerful tools: WIDS, Blackboard and the Quality Matters Course Design Rubric.

  • Quality Matters Rubric: Instructors will follow the standards outlined in this rubric for best practices, standardization and to promote student success
  • Blackboard Training : Full-time faculty are required to build a course according to QM standards by the end of summer 2020
  • Integrate WIDS’ COS, LP and PATs for consistency, clarity and transparency of program and course outcomes

Performance criteria, assessment tasks, and student-centered activities linked to measurable student outcomes drive quality into curriculum. To WIDS well-defined learning outcomes, pre-defined and measurable performance standards for assessment, and active learning strategies are part of their dialogue...their model...their training...their software. These are mandatory for student learning success regardless the mode of instructional delivery. In fact, for 25 years the WIDS software has been on the frontlines of curriculum development and has never veered from these tenets of of quality instructional design.

To learn more about the WIDS Curriculum Management Software and Consulting Servicee or schedule a time to meet while at the QM Connect Conference contact WIDS

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