Curriculum Mapping Session at NN2 Conference
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Curriculum Mapping Session at NN2 Conference

Outcomes and standards are essential to health science program curricula defining the what, when and how of student learning. Well-defined outcomes set the stage for student learning in curriculum programs and their courses.  They state up front what students will learn or do upon exit of a learning experience and are often driven by accreditation or content standards. Not only does curriculum need to define what students will learn, but also highlight when standards or outcomes are assessed. It's the curriculum map that  paints the picture for a program and keeps directors, faculty, and assessment coordinators informed. But as one can imagine, mapping can be a daunting effort whether updating multiple sets of  accreditation standards, or drilling into course learning experiences to make decisions about where outcomes did not meet the success benchmarks, or updating and accessing documentation. WIDS makes curriculum mapping easy!

For many years, WIDS has worked closely with college health science program experts as curriculum consultants and trainers.  WIDS will be at the 32nd Annual NN2 Conference this fall as both an exhibitor and a presenter showing how curriculum mapping can be made easy using our alignment model and curriculum management software system.  Plan to add the WIDS and Western Technical College presentation below to your NN2 Conference calendar -- 9/26 at 1:30 pm. 

North-South-East-West: Directions not needed with Mapping Standards Made Easy featuring Terri Johnson, Associate Director, WIDS and  Diane Osterhaus Neefe, Dean, Western Technical College

Put your visual learning hat on and begin the mapping journey with these presenters as they walk you through how to map program accreditation and content standards to curriculum. In Mapping Standards Made Easy, you can be assured that all outcomes are addressed in the curriculum as a visual picture of content being taught as well as gaps and overlaps emerges.

The National Network of Health Career Programs in Two Year Colleges (NN2) will be held at the Reunion Resort in Kissimmee, Florida 9/25 - 9/27/19. 

Consider downloading our free resources: Why WIDS for Nursing Programs or the Nursing Sample Documents Packet curriculum example developed and printed from the WIDS Software. 

To learn more about the WIDS Curriculum Management Software and Consulting Services contact WIDS

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