Prior Learning Assessment: Military Medic to RN
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Prior Learning Assessment: Military Medic to RN

As colleges prioritize Credit for Prior Learning initiatives, including the development of Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs), curriculum and assessment staff are challenged with how to organize and manage these assessment tools. Recently, WIDS worked with a team of nursing faculty from Wisconsin technical colleges to develop prior learning assessments for a Military Medic to RN pathway project. Instead of pre-selecting the PLA type and handing out a list of requirements for development, the WIDS consultant engaged the team in discussions to collaboratively select the PLA type and the elements that the team would include when creating them. This process enhanced team buy-in, built a sense of ownership to the project elements, and supported PLA development consistency. 

Read more about this TAACCCT IV Grant-funded project in the latest WIDS Resource Article --  Prior Learning Assessment Development.

The Military Medic to RN Project work is available to everyone on SkillsCommons.org and for WTCS colleges, it is also available on the WIDS Repository. 

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