Where are all things 'curriculum' at your organization?
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Where are all things 'curriculum' at your organization?


How wonderful would it be if all things curriculum were located in one system, with the latest, the greatest, the approved, the active curriculum and data right at your fingertips? 

You can with the WIDS curriculum design and mangement software! 

Within an instant: 

  • Find the program outcomes for your program
  • Locate a list of all the courses in your program
  • Pull together syllabi from last semester for all the courses in your program
  • Find an accurate course outline to share with a new instructor
  • Ensure you are using the most current version of a course outline
  • Verify the course descriptions of all courses for a college catalog
  • Update the curriculum maps for your program and courses
  • Determine the prerequisites for a course (or set of courses)
  • Find a syllabus from an instructor who taught at your organization four years ago
  • Print a copy of the textbooks for all the courses in your program
  • Find the credit for prior learning assessments used for all courses in your program

Learn more about WIDS - Worldwide Instructional Design System, a cloud-based software for designing, aligning, and managing your curriculum. 

We'll be exhibiting again this year at the Higher Learning Commission  2018 Annual Conference. Drop by any time to speak with a WIDS consultant and see our software in action! 

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