Our Mission

WIDS strives to enhance the quality of learning through the development, implementation, support, and continuous improvement of the WIDS Curriculum Management Solution, a comprehensive design approach and methodology, supported by application and professional development tools, for designing and planning performance-based learning and teaching.

Our Philosophy

WIDS supports teachers and learners who believe:

  • Learning is the central focus of education; instruction supports learning.

  • Learners are the primary customers of education; they are also its primary products.

  • Learning is a life-long process.

  • Education must be relevant to the real demands of an individual's work and other life roles.

  • Learning should emphasize application of knowledge and skills (doing something, not just knowing about something).

  • Performance expectations and standards should be spelled out and communicated to learners in advance.

  • Learning should be integrated so that learners enhance core abilities such as critical thinking, life-long learning, and communication at the same time they are developing concrete technical or content skills.

  • Learner performance is measured according to established performance standards, not in comparison to the performance of other learners.

  • Learning is a process in which learners take an active role and for which learners assume primary responsibility.

  • Because learners have varied learning styles and processing preferences, educators enhance learner success when they employ a variety of teaching methods and media and when they encourage learners to use a variety of learning strategies.

  • Teachers are integral to the learning process.

  • Learning is enhanced when teachers are supported with excellent professional development opportunities and provided with quality systems and tools.


Our Location

We are located at 6602 Normandy Ln, Madison, WI 53719-1081.


Our History

WIDS is unique in that we are a division of the WTCS Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of education. In 1993, Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges partnered with the Foundation to create a performance-based instructional design system effective for both education and industry. A statewide advisory team collaborated to build best practices and learning theories into WIDS curriculum-design software. The WIDS Advisory Team has evolved into the WIDS International Users Group representing a strong network of WIDS leaders who provide the input that fuels the continuous improvement of the software, model, methodology, and training/consulting services. WIDS collaborates with and serves clients in over 100 organizations worldwide.