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Kellogg Community College

Kellogg Community College

The Nursing Department at Kellogg Community College uses WIDS to link the end of program student learner outcomes to course outcome at the program level.  The program outcomes are linked to the core values of the program, general education outcomes and external standards. A program-level performance assessment task outlines specific criteria for completion.  Within the Nursing program, course developers use WIDS to outline competencies, learning objectives and performance standards.  Each course includes Syllabi, Learning Plans and Performance Assessment Tasks designed in WIDS.

WIDS is used to create Program and Course outcome summaries, Curriculum Maps, and Reports.​

The online format of WIDS provides a seamless creation of reports that highlight the intricate matrix of the curriculum and those reports were reviewed during accreditation visits. As a result of the utilization of the WIDS software, the college has obtained accreditation in the Nursing program.

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