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Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College

Program outcomes are critical for results-oriented programs and WIDS data integrating with the college webiste has been very important. FVTC puts their program outcomes in WIDS—then feeds them to their website.  Now as program outcomes are updated in WIDS—the website is updated as well.  No more wondering which set of outcomes is current. WIDS helps them keep it straight!

Additionally the college uses the WIDS Software to support accreditation initiatives and meet critical criteria. 

FVTC has been using WIDS for more than 10 years, utilizing critical features and functions in the software. Faculty and administration use WIDS to design and develop:

  • Course Outcome Summary
  • Program Design
  • Performance Assessment Tasks & Rubrics
  • Learning Plans
  • Matrix Reports (Curriculum Maps)
  • Review and Approval
  • Report Central Reports
  • Data Integration
  • Managing Project Status


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