WIDS Single User Annual Subscription and WIDS Course Design


Get started right away designing courses in WIDS! With your single user subscription design up to 20 courses in the WIDS Curriculum Management System software application.  Included with this subscription is the WIDS Course Design, a WIDS course delivered in Moodle LMS and facilitated by a WIDS instructional design consultant. The 4-week experience is built around the principles of performance-based learning and assessment providing you activities to develop a course outcome summary, syllabus, learning plans, and performance assessment tasks. Course start dates are as follows: 

You will be contacted about the start date that works best for you. In the meantime, you will be sent a digital welcome package, a digital Quick Start Guide, and access to our FREE WIDS Performance-based Learning Framework module -- a great way to get acquainted with WIDS and prepare you for WIDS Course Design.