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Celebrating One Year, 8 Courses, 80 Registered Users
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Celebrating One Year, 8 Courses, 80 Registered Users

Cue the music, the balloons, and confetti! Oh...and the cake...can't forget the cake!


One year ago, the WIDS Learning Center launched with two online courses to train professionals in all things curriculum. Our initial motivation was the pandemic. So many educators were called on to design and revise curriculum for online students. And then, interest in WIDS Learning Center expanded. We created more courses (for a total of 8 now), one of them free, and a few of them with only a one-week duration. We've seen that many instructors don't have the luxury of an instructional design team. That's where WIDS Learning Center courses can help. They are facilitated by WIDS consultants. Our courses follow the performance-based learning model, just like WIDS software. And we assess your submitted assignments with constructive comments.

While the traditional first anniversary gift is paper, we are in a more digital world now. Perhaps the gift of a clock suits the occasion better, since WIDS Learning Center gives you the benefit of time. There is no need to fit another Zoom call into your calendar! Our start dates vary by course and each course is offered on a regular basis! Find what works best for your schedule. Got a big project due in January? Not a problem! Treat yourself to some professional development by signing up for a WIDS course that starts in February.


Happy 1st Anniversary to the WIDS Learning Center! The WIDS team looks forward to another year of online performance-based learning and teaching. Oh, and handing out digital badges - those look super cool in signature blocks!


Now....where is the knife to cut that cake? 

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