WIDS Exhibits and Presents with Tri-County Technical College
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WIDS Exhibits and Presents with Tri-County Technical College

WIDS is a 2019 Community College Conference on Learning Assessment exhibitor and co-presenter.

TCTC's Coordinator of SACSCOC Compliance and Assessment Margaret Burdette will present an innovation and high-impact practices session at the CC Conference on Learning Assessment. The session title and description are as follows:

Using Consensus Workshops to Develop Outcomes in All Areas of the Institution

Real comprehensive assessment is relatively new in higher education, and very few of those working in the higher education arena have been taught how to write appropriate, measurable outcomes and develop assessment plans; therefore, assessment systems must be much more than establishing deadlines and providing templates if the systems are going to be effective. Tri-County Technical College believes that providing a guided learning experience for those involved promotes ownership and adds integrity to the process and the results. Whether the outcomes are in a course, a program, a student services unit or program, or an administrative unit, using a consensus workshop can result in the creation of powerful outcomes and criteria. With clearly defined outcomes, valid and realistic assessment methods and plans become much easier to produce. Additional tools allow all assessment information to be entered, stored, and shared in one place.

WIDS Consultant Kim Vosicky will showcase how TCTC uses the software to design, align, and manage all things curriculum. WIDS will also be exhiting again at this year's conference which will be at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando from 2/17 - 2/19/19. 

Read more about how TCTC used WIDS to help identify high impact practcies as their Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) initiative to focus on student learning outcomes success. 

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