WIDS and WITC Co-Present at Quality Matters Connect Conference
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WIDS and WITC Co-Present at Quality Matters Connect Conference

Sometimes students' learning experiences are off course from the syllabus or course outline. Quite often faculty are not course designers, but subject matter experts navigating through unchartered territory called course design, making the QM essential alignment standards seem like something on the distant horizon - something you can vaguely see, but not very clearly. In this session, learn how faculty at a rural technical college chart courses by mapping course and module objectives to learning activities and assessments using a performance-based course design model and tool. This process brings the QM essential alignment standards into clear focus and quality to student learning.

In this session participants will:

  • Share common examples where courses miss the QM Essential Standards
  • Examine the WIDS instructional design model and tool for designing learning and assessment?
  • Observe how quality course design results in quality learning and assessment experiences?
  • Examine how course design components align to QM Essential Standards

Andrea Schullo - Associate Dean at Wisconsin Indianhead  Technical College and Kim Vosicky - Learning Design Consultant at WIDS will be co-presenting at this year's Quality Matters Connect Conference. Join them for their session on bringing quality to student learning.

Session Title: Charting a Course to Quality Student Learning
Thursday, 11/1 at 10:10 am at the Marriot Grand Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri


Stop by the WIDS booth in the Conference Exhibit Hall any time Wednesday -Friday. Learn more about our system's ability to design, align, and manage curriculum across your organization. 
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