WIDS Staff

Leah Osborn


Leah Osborn started with WIDS in 2000 as a learning design consultant, who collaborated on statewide curriculum initiatives in Wisconsin, and delivered instructional design consulting services to college, university, K-12 and corporate clients throughout the United States. She was promoted to associate director of consulting services in 2010, and then to director of the WIDS division in 2013.

Terri Johnson

Associate Director, Product Development/Training

Anchoring our Minnesota office, Terri brings over two decades of teaching, consulting, and learning design experience to WIDS. 

Annette Czarnecki

Learning Design Consultant

Annette has more than 20 years experience in developing curriculum and creating lesson content and assessment. "My strong suit is learner engagement. I love developing ways to prime learners for what they are about to learn, then keeping their brains in active mode with formative assessments."

Tessa Campbell

Learning Design Consultant

Tessa Campbell brings over ten years of teaching and instructional design experience to WIDS. She began her career in education as a high school science teacher in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Melinda Reiter-Schroepfer

Learning Design Consultant

Melinda comes to WIDS with a background in high school teaching, technical college teaching and administration, industry certification curriculum development and healthcare accreditation process training experience.

Val Bielinski

Learning Design Consultant

Val Bielinski brings nearly 15 years’ experience with the Wisconsin Technical College System, serving as Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s Instructional Designer.


Diane Sutton

Training and Consulting Support Specialist

Diane is our Jill-of-all-trades staffer. She handles a long list of administrative and support tasks and is always ready to take on new challenges.

WIDS By The Numbers

WIDS By The Numbers

  • 5000+ hours on business/government training projects
  • 1000+ curriculum development projects
  • 1500+ course alignments to state/national standards
  • 200+ Technical Skill Attainment curriculum project
  • 100+ courses reviewed for grant-based criteria
  • 160+ years instructional design experience
  • 25+  organizational years implementing curriculum best practices