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Annette Czarnecki
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Annette Czarnecki

Learning Design Consultant, (800) 677-9437

Annette has more than 20 years experience in developing curriculum and creating lesson content and assessment. "My strong suit is learner engagement. I love developing ways to prime learners for what they are about to learn, then keeping their brains in active mode with formative assessments."


Annette has an extensive background in writing, adult learning theory, cognitive science, and web technologies. Her formal education includes:

◾    BA Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia
◾    MS Educational Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
◾    Internet Developer Certificate, Madison Area Technical College

Curriculum Experience

Additionally, Annette has experience working with subject matter experts in a wide variety of domains. Some of her professional experience includes:
◾developing basic math and algebra curriculum for adult learners
◾creating interative online math lessons and LMS compliant assessments (Blackboard and Moodle)
◾creating online biosafety learning modules for technical college learners and online apprenticeship orientation.
◾developing curriculum for industrial mechanical courses
◾creating simulated circuit learning objects for electronics students
◾writing texts and video scripts for math, first aid, health, government and personal development skills
◾aligning content to K-12 state and national standards
◾managing development projects with a small staff (2-5 people)
◾creating websites

Annette previously worked as a journalist and writer/video producer for an educational publishing company. She has been a tutor for elementary learners through the Schools of Hope project in Madison, WI. She's also led a watershed group on public education and grant efforts. In her spare time, she gardens and builds Arduino circuits for cool LED lights, remote control functions and IOT projects.

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WIDS By The Numbers

WIDS By The Numbers

  • 5000+ hours on business/government training projects
  • 1000+ curriculum development projects
  • 1500+ course alignments to state/national standards
  • 200+ Technical Skill Attainment curriculum project
  • 100+ courses reviewed for grant-based criteria
  • 160+ years instructional design experience
  • 25+  organizational years implementing curriculum best practices