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Kim Vosicky
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Kim Vosicky

Learning Design Consultant, (800) 677-9437

Kim Vosicky came to WIDS in 1994 using her background in communications and journalism to edit and write WIDS' initial education and training documentation. Today she is a learning design consultant and WIDS trainer who has worked with K-12 national curriculum, government agencies, and both 2- and 4-year college clients in the US and Canada.  

Kim is energized by those with a passion for student learning. She enjoys working closely with subject matter experts to develop engaging, interactive learning experiences that embed multiple resources and media for an optimal student learning experience. She has overseen the design and development of a variety of WIDS consulting projects including:

  • WTCS Technical Skills Attainments
  • Wisconsin Manufacturing Core Curriculum
  • Wisconsin Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IE/ME) curriculum
  • College program design and alignments in: Allied Health, Career and Technical Education, and general education.
  • National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) online course design
  • USAF Air University online course design
  • AFJROTC Science of Flight Instructor Guide and Learning Materials
  • Lead instructional design consultant overseeing the design and development of turn key curriculum and textbooks for the Army JROTC high school program

Kim is a graduate of the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

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WIDS By The Numbers

WIDS By The Numbers

  • 5000+ hours on business/government training projects
  • 1000+ curriculum development projects
  • 1500+ course alignments to state/national standards
  • 200+ Technical Skill Attainment curriculum project
  • 100+ courses reviewed for grant-based criteria
  • 160+ years instructional design experience
  • 25+  organizational years implementing curriculum best practices