WIDS Training

We specialize in workshop facilitation and training. Whether it's learning how to use the WIDS software or teaching quality concepts of design and assessment, our consultants bring over a century of combined experience as instructors, designers, and project managers.

We conduct training onsite or at our training center in Madison, WI.

WIDS Course Design

Develop course outcome summary documentation based on the principles of performance-based learning. Learn how to develop or revise a course outcome summary including course information, competencies, performance standards and learning objectives. Use course outcomes to create learning plans and performance assessment tasks.  Learn more about or Register for WIDS Course Design (online).

WIDS Program Design and Assessment

Harness the power of WIDS to design and manage program documentation and assessment.  Develop outcomes, summative assessments, and criteria for a program of your choice. Link institutional outcomes and program outcomes to courses, and generate matrix reports to document your connections. Create documentation to support accreditation and other requirements.


Develop the skills you need to facilitate a DACUM occupational analysis. Explore the DACUM storyboarding process and how it relates to developing education and training that is relevant and aligned with real occupational skills. Learn how plan, recruit participants for, and facilitate a DACUM and modified DACUM. Finally, use the power of the WIDS application to apply DACUM results to program and course development.

Contact us at 800-677-9437 for more information or a consulting proposal.