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Schoolcraft College

Schoolcraft College

WIDS has been a curriculum management system at Schoolcraft College since 2007. Establishing a common curriculum design framework was important to Schoolcraft. The software is the tool that assists in the management of curriculum integrity.

According to Cynthia Cicchelli, Associate Dean of Operations, Curriculum & Assessment, "The model of Performance-based Learning that is facilitated through the application of the WIDS product allows Schoolcraft to encourage and support faculty and administrators in the endeavor to create high quality curriculum that promotes student learning."

Administration and some faculty at Schoolcraft College use the the following features in the WIDS Software: 

  • Course Outcome Summary
  • Syllabus
  • Program design
  • Performance assessment tasks & rubrics
  • Learning plans
  • Matrix reports (curriculum maps)
  • Libraries
  • Report Central reports
  • Custom fields
  • Managing project status
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