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Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

At Southwest Wisconsin Technical College (SWTC),in Fennimore, Wisconsin, a WIDS user since 1994, course curriculum development includes learning plans, assessments and rubrics.  The relational database that serves as the foundation of the new WIDS ensures that changes made in any part of a curriculum project are instantaneously made everywhere else in the curriculum.  SWTC curriculum specialists can instantly see all courses, the dates they were last revised, and the name of the person who revised them.  SWTC uses WIDS to:

  • Track the history of changes to curriculum
  • Track progress of Technical Skill Attainment and Quality Review plans
  • Link courses to program outcomes

“WIDS has exceeded my expectations and works really well with a lot of different departments. The flexibility to create personalized fields, such as attaching a budget field indicating who funded and developed the curriculum  is an added bonus,”  says Kristal Davenport, Instructional Technology Support Specialist.

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