Career Pathways: A WIDS Roadmap for Student Success
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Career Pathways: A WIDS Roadmap for Student Success

Do your learners know what their courses will help them achieve in their careers? Do they know how much more they can attain with additional courses?  Community and technical colleges all across the country are answering questions like these with career pathways.

Career pathways are a series of connected courses and training options that lead to an industry-recognized certificate, license or degree. 

With the WIDS Career Pathway Module, you can define and document a career pathway using programs, program configurations and courses you have already developed in WIDS software.  Don’t have the courses you need in WIDS?  No problem—you can create them as you go.  The WIDS Career Pathway Module enables you to:

  • Design a roadmap to assist the student as they transition from school to work
  • Layout related student support services  
  • Outline industry supports
  • Define delivery models used for the pathway
  • Print reports useful in communicating pathway information

Career Pathways in WIDS

Once the career path is established, you can associate courses or an entire program with the appropriate points in the path.  Now you can easily show learners what courses they need to qualify for different jobs.  You can also relay credit for prior learning assessments used in related courses to help students with prior work or military experience progress more quickly.  Learners can see available student support services and industry supports for a pathway. 

You can print, save, or share links to the WIDS career pathways reports. Staff and students can see career options at a glance. Learners can make better-informed decisions about what they want to achieve now -- and in the future.  It may be just the inspiration your learners need to continue their education and move up in their careers.


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