Nebraska Community College Embraces WIDS

At Central Community College (Central), in Columbus, Neb., faculty and instructional designers have instant access to course and program curriculum via the Internet. Using the WIDS Web-based curriculum design and management system they can develop, edit, approve and access curriculum components online, via the College’s own WIDS portal.

“We think WIDS is fabulous; better than sliced bread,” agree Central’s Learning Support Specialist Wendy Wells and Instructional Technology Director Tracy Watts. First and foremost, they appreciate the functionality WIDS brings. All courses are available to instructors on their home page; WIDS offers anytime, anywhere Internet access; updating libraries is simple; transferring WIDS files is “flawless”; and it’s easy to create programs, link information, print, report and save.
“We have three campuses and 12 instructors may teach the same course,” says Wells. “They now have access to the most current WIDS curriculum file and can easily create and print personal syllabi tailored to their instructional delivery method. With WIDS, we will never have to ask, ‘Where is the current curriculum file?’”

A total of 174 WIDS course files were initially uploaded to Central’s WIDS Web portal – branded with the college’s logo and banner – where they automatically populated appropriate fields. When all is said and done, more than 1,000 courses will be uploaded and Central will move forward with program design. “When we began WIDS, our goals were to ensure all courses taught had a course syllabus,” says Watts. “With the new Web-based WIDS, we will begin the program design process and development of program outcomes.”