White Papers

Sustainability and Curriculum - Six strategies are outlined for incorporating sustainability or green concepts into curriculum and assessment. Copyright 2013 WTCSF.

WIDS and Performance Based Learning - Highlights unique history of WIDS and current thinking on the philosophy of performance based learning. The issue of using technology in curriculum development is also addressed. Copyright 2009 WTCSF.

NCA Accreditation and WIDS

WIDS and ACICS Accreditation

SACS Accreditation and WIDS

Building Competence: Designing Training that Works - Business, Industry, Government, and Not-for-Profit. Click here to download the 11x17 layout in PDF.

Building Competence: Designing Learning and Assessment that Work - Education. Click here to download the 11x17 layout in PDF.

Assessment Paper - Activating Assessment of Student Learning: A Systematic and Systemic Approach

Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation

Practice Makes Learning - Designing effective learning methods using the learning cycle. Applies to any delivery mode.

An Assessment Framework for the Community College - Sponsored by the League for Innovation and Questionmark

WIDS and Online Learning - Describes how WIDS documents transfer into the online learning environment

Foundations of WIDS: Learning, Teaching, and Learning Design Theories

Overview of the WIDS Model

Core Abilities: Bringing the Mission to the Classroom

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