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Core Ability Library Update

About the update

A number of changes were made to the content of the Core Ability Library since the WIDS 7 software was released in 2002. This Core Ability Library update is dated 8/4/09.

We provide this library update separately from the WIDS software patch.  If you have customized your Core Ability Library, your customizations would be lost if the software patch automatically replaced the Core Ability Library file.

How to apply the update

Click here to install the updated Core Ability Library file to your computer.  Choose Open or Run when prompted.  The "WinZip Self-Extractor" dialog box appears.










Click the Unzip button to install the updated Core Ability Library file. You are notified that the file is "unzipped." Click the OK button, followed by the Close button. If you installed WIDS to a location other than C:\Program Files\Wids7, then you must change the path in the "Unzip to folder:" textbox.

If you have any questions, please contact WIDS technical support at: 1-800-677-9437 or email Technical Support.