Additional presentations available at prezi.com.

Title: Integrating Sustainability into Curricula: A Proven Process

Event: League for Innovation in the Community College StemTech 2010

Comments: Learn how a common curriculum model adds value to the process of infusing green principles into courses and programs.

Title: Developing Curriculum and Assessment: A Systemwide Tool 

Event: League for Innovation in the Community College StemTech 2010

Comments: Overview of Web-based software for developing and managing curriculum and assessment.

Title: Learning and Assessment Design

Event: RosEvaluation Conference, 2010

Comments: This show emphasizes the planning process for design.

Title: Program Assessment: Designing and Documenting Learning

Event: Innovations Conference, 2010 

Comments: Discusses drivers of program assessment. Explores the WIDS process and tool.

Title: Performance Based Learning

Event: Kirkwood Community College Workshop 2011 (Johnson)

Comments: Overview of WIDS model and how is activated in the development of a learning plan.

Title: Blogs, Wikis and Podcasts: Learning Activities and Assessments to Go

Event: User Group, 2008

Comments: The most recent WIDS 7.5 software update includes these newly added assessment tasks and activities.

Title: Outcome and Assessment Design Tools

Event: Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 2007

Comments: Relates learning outcomes to assessment and the assessment process. WIDS design model and tool are examined for both course and program design, plus mapping.


Title: Filling the Gaps: Enhancing your capabilities to design and develop training for government and industry clients.

Event: NCCET, 2007

Title: Instructional Design in the Wisconsin Technical College System

Event: Presentation to German Hessen Delegation, 2007

Handout Materials: Sample Design Document, Brochure

Title: Using WIDS to Document  How WTCS Colleges Assess Learning Outcomes

Event: WTCS WIDS Outcomes and Assessment Workshop, 2007

Comments: Packet Materials. PDF. Pages: 21.

Title: Using WIDS to Document How Colleges Assess Learning Outcomes 

Comments: Gives an overview of how curriculum fits into assessment and shows how WIDS makes it easier to design, align, and document learning outcomes.

Title: Filling the Gaps in Online Development

Event: Tech Expo, 2007


Title: Developing Aligned Nursing Curricula: Strategies and Tools

Event: NO-ADN Annual Conference, 2006


Title: Maximizing the Potential of WIDS; Connecting: Learning, Teaching, and Assessment

Event: Minnesota User's Group, 2006

Title: Documenting Learning Activities in the Performance-Based Curriculum

Event: League CIT, 2005

Title: Assessment Tools for Today and Tomorrow

Title: The Learning Side of Testing

Title: From Skill Standards to Skilled Performance

Event: Focus Conference, 2005

Title: Online Performance Assessment

Event: League Innovations, 2005

Title: Curriculum Alignment

Event: League Learning College Summit, 2005

Title: Learning and Assessment Design Tools

Event: NCA/Higher Learning Commission, 2005

Comments: Explore how WIDS helps you build online courses driven by clearly stated outcomes, best practice learning strategies, and more authentic assessment of higher level thinking and performance.