Specialized Services

WIDS Consulting Services for Industry, Military, and Not-for-Profit Organizations 

In order to remain competitive, every organization must invest in the development of a continually improving workforce. That means providing employees at all levels with the learning resources and opportunities they need to enhance and expand their technical and soft skill competence. Designing, planning, managing, implementing, facilitating, and evaluating training presents an organization with many challenges.

Some organizations are too small to maintain a staff of instructional designers and learning managers; others choose to outsource part or all of these services. In many organizations with in-house training departments, the training professionals are “wearing too many hats” and welcome or need the assistance of outsourced professionals.

Regardless of your organization’s situation, you need strategies, tools, and resources that will enable you to:

  • identify the technical and soft skill competence your employees need
  • design results-driven training that incorporates adult learning principles
  • train the trainers to facilitate learning and coach financial representatives
  • implement and manage the training
  • evaluate the results

Download the WIDS Consulting Services for Industry, Military, and Not-for-Profit Organizations PDF now. Contact Leah Osborn for more information on these specialized services.