Aligning Curriculum

We work with your instructors to develop program outcomes and course outcomes within a single college or across multiple colleges (statewide).  Course outcomes are linked to program and state or professional standards. Resulting curriculum features documentation for courses and programs and related accreditation or certification reports. We've honed a clear, results-driven process that ensures:

  • graduates master core skills required by business and industry
  • content overlap is eliminated
  • external standards are addressed and documented
  • course and program outcomes are clearly communicated 

Typically, all we need are six days with your work group or SMEs/instructors to develop the curriculum; this eliminates extra burden on your staff. Plus, we conduct administrative vetting to gain buy-in and approval from those in leadership positions.

Sample Deliverables from first work session

  • Write program outcomes
  • Identify general areas of competence
  • Write competencies
  • Move competencies into logical units of instruction (these are the beginnings of courses)
  • Develop draft program configuration (courses, competencies, and credits) 

Sample Deliverables from second work session

  • Finalize competencies and program configuration
  • Write course descriptions

Sample Deliverables from final work session

  • Link courses to program outcomes and external standards
  • Deliver final files in WIDS and/or MS Word format (program design, program configuration, courses, matrix and mapping documents )

We ensure you have a quality program with clear outcomes and assessments, aligned around principles of performance-based learning. Contact Terri Johnson for more information on how this process can be adapted to your environment.